Sharing stories of life at Sal Salis ….

  • Whale sharks have arrived to Ningaloo reef

    21 May, 2010
    Whale Sharks have arrived to Ningaloo Reef with local operators having swam with 4 and 5 metre whale sharks on the weekend! Every year from April to July these slow moving, gentle, filter feeding sharks migrate along Ningaloo Reef following the mass sporning of coral. Whale Sharks are read more...
  • Arkaba creek flows!

    21 May, 2010
    The Flinders Ranges region saw an unusual downpour of rain on Thursday 11th February causing Arkaba Creek to flow for the first time in quite some time. The rain also brought lush green grass to the Arkaba Homestead garden read more...
  • Yellow fin tuna is the catch of the day

    9 Mar, 2010
    Our fishing guide Murray and lodge manager Mike christened our new boat on the first fishing charter. A tough job but somebody has to do it! They successfully caught 4 Yellow Fin Tuna and raised 5 read more...
  • Fishing packages at Sal Salis

    6 Mar, 2010
    Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is delighted to announce the launch of their fishing packages from 1st August 2010. For more details please visit Sal Salis Fishing Packages read more...