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Kinky Whale Shark Spotted

Sal Salis guests have been heading to sea in search of whale sharks since 01 April and on the 2nd they spotted the whale shark known as Kinky!!

Each day begins with a transfer to Tantabiddi Boat Ramp, a snorkel test, kitting out in wetsuit & snorkel gear followed by morning coffee as you cruise out into the Indian Ocean.  The spotter plane will be out ahead and looking for the whale sharks.

When they are found our photographer/guide and guests leap into the water ahead of its path and wait as this huge and wonderful giant appears from the shadows.  Sometimes the water is so deep you cannot see the bottom (and you try not to think about what might be down there) but recently we have been lucky and found the whale sharks in quite shallow water.


So far this month the spotter planes have been seeing up to 20 whale sharks in one day which means the boats are finding 4 or 5 to swim with.

Wave Rider’s skipper Murray was pleased to see that KINKY was spotted on Day 2 of the season.   Researchers give the whale sharks names to identify them and this fellow below really deserves his name.   Murray speculates that this young male (perhaps 15 years old and 5 metres long) was injured when young and he has managed to adapt to his kinky body shape.  Like all sharks, whale sharks have an amazing ability to heel themselves.   Science does not yet have all the answers but it is thought that these gentle giants might live to over 100 years.

Kinky Whale Shark