2017 – It’s a Wrap

Wow, it was a memorable year so we thought we’d share just a handful of highlights as selected by Camp Manager, Candice Shaw.

The Australian Fur Seal on the beach…. Yes, a seal on South Mandu Beach! We hardly ever see them this far north. They like the cooler waters further south, but I guess even Fur Seals know Sal Salis is the place to be if you want to go on a beach holiday!

The weather Gods shined on us …. we had the best weather this season!

We had our share of stars …. and celebrities at the lodge this year. We were so pleased (and also a bit relieved) at how relaxed they were. No airs or graces, just real people wanting to experience the magic of the Ningaloo Reef.  We do have some great bragging rights, but better stay ‘Mum’!

The stars of the ocean put on an exquisite performance … whale sharks and humpback whales galore! We enjoyed an exceptionally long whale shark season, with the gentle giants of the deep hanging around until October, a real bonus for people who visited outside of the usual season. Humpback whale swim experiences continued to be a big hit, this is the second season it was offered, and Parks & Wildlife Service have now confirmed the season for 2018 – YIPPEE!

Top nosh from Tazzy and the team … the food was EXCEPTIONAL with fabulous meals being conjured up by the kitchen team lead by Tazzy (Brendon), this is all the more amazing when you consider the limited kitchen facilities they have.  Quite frankly my suspicions have been confirmed – Tazzy is actually a magician!


Guest perspective in our photo competition … we loved receiving guest entries in our first ever social media competition and your votes picked the winner.  Congratulations to Anna and James, both on your engagement and on your win.  We look forward to welcoming you back to Sal Salis for your honeymoon!  Huge thanks and hugs to all guests who entered the competition.

Our camp family … an AMAZING team.  Paul and I always feel like the camp mum and dad with a whole bunch of adopted kids.  The gang works so hard to look after our guests and THEY are a big part of what makes Sal Salis a such a great place to stay. We were so privileged to get to know each and every one of them. We have been a family and to tell you the truth my heart broke having to say goodbye. Some are coming back next season and others are spreading their wings and flying the coop to go on some epic adventures of their own.

And so the end of the season has come …. We have packed down tents and moved them to storage. We’ve oiled the decks, replaced slats in the boardwalks and done all the maintenance so that everything is ready to go for next season!  We’re already looking forward to re-opening on 12 March 2018 but for now, Paul and I are heading to South Africa to see our families, plan our wedding and celebrate with all the Zimbabweans! We are also excited to visit our sister lodge, Masuwe in Victoria Falls.

Merry Christmas & happy holidays to all.  We hope to see YOU at Sal Salis in 2018!