Sal Salis Fishing in the Media

Ningaloo Reef is recognised as the premier game fishing destination of Western Australia.  Few places in the world offer the ability to hook famous species such as Marlin, giant Trevally, Mahi Mahi and Sailfish regularly.  With over 40 different varieties of game fish it’s no wonder Ningaloo Reef is on every angler’s wish list. 

We were fortunate enough to host the iFish crew and former MotorGP champion, Casey Stoner last month.  Look out for this special iFish episode which will air on Sunday 15th May on channel ten at 12 midday.   

Scott Coghlan of Western Angler magazine also visited Sal Salis and was there to see us raise a 2.82m sailfish.  To read this feature article please click here