amazing half day fishing charter

Sal Salis guests Marco and his wife Virginie booked a half day’s fishing on our boat- Sal Canis. Our guests and guide’s Jimmy and Murray left at midday to enjoy beautiful weather. 


Before they had even reached the passage, Murray saw a school of shark mackerel eating some small bait fish.  On the first cast, Virginie’s reel was screaming as she was hooked onto a shark mackerel on stick bait. The water was so clear they saw the fish chase the lure and smash it on the surface. They were only in about 3 meters of water!

They found a large school of striped tuna and had some fun catching them. Once they had past the south passage they set up a troll for mackerel. It wasn’t long before the reels were screaming again but after a long fight the first two fish were lost.
Marco hooked a beauty which took a lot of line very quickly. Jimmy cleared the other rods away and after a fair fight they had a big Cobia next the boat for a few photos.  They also noticed a large tiger shark lingering around the boat no doubt looking for an easy feed.
In less than ten minutes Jimmy’s famous Garfish rig was smashed and they had hooked a sailfish.
Virginie was on and almost getting spooled, so Murray had to chase it. This time they had a 4 metre Tiger shark at the boat looking for lunch – the sailfish went hard and fast in an attempt to get away from the danger.
Virginie got tired and handed the rod to Marco and he landed the magnificent sailfish next to the boat to tag and take a few photos with before releasing it to see another day.  It was a great way to finish off a fantastic day on the water.