Amy & Julian Love Life at Sal Salis

Amy is with us for a second season, returning this year as Lodge Supervisor. Having grown up in the UK, she studied Art and Photography at school and then University. Since moving to Ningaloo, her art practise has reflected and been inspired by the unique natural landscape of the area. Wildlife has always been one of her greatest loves and provides inspiration for her travels, including to Latin America, where she fell in love with diving and had her first shark, dolphin and croc encounters! She has also had very memorable trips to the USA, Asia and of course Australia.

The beauty of the reef and the stunning marine environment of Ningaloo are what keeps her happy living so far away from home.


Amy shares her life with Sal Salis Head Guide, Julian. Also born in the UK, Julian is just mad about the great outdoors and being on the water.

Growing up in the Great British countryside he spent his free time exploring the fields and wildlife that surrounded his house and he fished for pike and perch in the rivers of Norfolk. Being half Italian, every summer he went to visit family in Naples where his uncle took him fishing for for giant Bluefin tuna, XOS tailor and dorado with his uncle.

He’s managed to combine his love of fishing with his love of travel, which has taken him to Central and South America, fishing the murky depths of the Amazon, the supersize tarpon of Nicaragua, the crystal clear flats of Belize right through to jigging for amberjack and wahoo in Mexico. On the Central America trip alongside Amy, he also discovered a love of diving, so the Great Barrier Reef and eventually Ningaloo seemed obvious destinations to explore!


It appears we have him well & truly hooked!   Working as a guide for the last year, Julian spends his days-off  snorkelling, diving and of course fishing both from boats and from his kayak, where he has had some serious adventures – being bumped by feisty bronze whaler sharks, encounters with minke and humpback whales and being stalked by a large tiger shark, to name a few. Kayak captures have included the biggest Spanish mackerel caught from a kayak in Australia in 2015 and most notably, the first and only Billfish to have been kayak caught on the West coast of Australia.

As with most of our local sports fishermen, Julian’s love of all things marine means most fishing is  ‘catch & release’  but occasionally he brings something home to enjoy with Amy and his Exmouth mates.

JULIAN L-A Shibish-50

Above image of Amy by L-A Shibish, background image of dingo by Amy.

2 thoughts on “Amy & Julian Love Life at Sal Salis”

  1. Have just spent three nights at sal salis with outback spirit tours. Such a wonderfull atmosphere, wonderful staff, nothing a problem. Reef, whales, relax, and much more. I want to go back for more.

  2. We were here in July and had a lovely family holiday. Julian and Amy were superb, made us feel welcome in every way and spoiled us with delicious food and great atmosphere. Was inspired by Julia’s knowledge during the hike in the gorge. Absolutely wonderful.

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