Another Successful Catch on Ningaloo reef

American family Pam, John and daughter Amber booked a half day fishing charter aboard the Sal Salis fishing boat ‘Sal Canis’ and along with charter guides, Murray Pattison and Jimmy Braund, they headed out on the ‘West Side’ along Ningaloo Reef.  “It was a beautiful day with not much swell or wind and we could see for miles.  We found some striped tuna surface feeding on a shoal of really small larval baitfish, so small in-fact that they were see-through”, said Murray.  This meant that the tuna were really hard to catch because we did not have any lures small enough and also able to cast.  After some persistent casting, John finally hooked into a medium size tuna that gave him a fairly decent run for his money.

Murray decided on a change of tactics and location and headed out just past the south passage in the hope of finding some Spanish mackerel.  We put out two Halco deep divers while Jimmy rigged one of his famous gar fish and we were set to go.  The lines had not been in the water long when that beautiful sound of a screaming drag got everyone back on their feet!  Unfortunately we lost this fish so the lines were put back out and we returned to the waiting game.  Soon after that the second of the deep-divers got absolutely smashed and the line was peeling out at a rapid rate off the little spin outfit.  Amber was on and after a lot of coaching from her dad and encouragement from the rest of the team, Amber had her Spaniard swimming nicely alongside the boat.  We got it up into the boat for some photos and then sent him on his way.

Soon after that and Pam hooked into a Yellowfin Tuna which was followed all the way back to the boat by a big shark!  We figured the tuna was mighty pleased about its short stay aboard the ‘Sal Canis’ the photo opportunity and then back into the water to fight another day!

A really good day in all and Pam, John and Amber were pretty stoked – we also managed to show them lots of humpback whales, turtles and a manta ray.  Smiles and back slapping all round and then it was back to the mooring for a well deserved sundowner and a pretty spectacular sunset.