family fun at sal salis

“How do I begin to thank the staff at Sal Salis for such a magical experience. It is impossible to pick a single highlight when there are so many to choose from…. In the mornings as we ate breakfast on the deck, we watched dozens of humpback whales breaching and playing as they migrated south. The guides snorkelled with us each day (armed with a child each) which allowed me to enjoy the wonders of the reef rather than constantly watching the children. The guides were so knowledgeable about the reef and they inspired us all to learn and explore. We spent half a day on the fishing boat where we came close to the whales and giant turtles. A shark even tried to eat my tuna as we were about to pull it onto the boat! The kids tried their hand at fishing too. Between them they caught 7 different species of fish in under an hour (of course returning them all to sea where they belong). We had drinks and canapés as the sunset provided us with the most magnificent of displays. The food was amazing and we were treated to a feast every night.  We walked the Mandu Mandu gorge and Yardi Creek and saw some incredible views and lots of wildlife. We look forward to visiting again”.

Rachel, Peter, Nick (age 9) and Grace (age 8)
Nick_and _his_Barramundi_CodFamily_images