Green Turtle Swimming at Ningaloo reef

A favourite snorkeling spot at Sal Salis is called ‘Turtle Hole’.  This snorkel spot is located directly out the front of the camp approximately 20m from the waters edge.  It is a great place to spot turtles.  At Sal Salis we are fortunate enough to have Green, Loggerhead and Hawksbill turtles frequent our waters. 

The photo below is of a green turtle which was taken by one of our guides.  Green turtles have a shell colour with light to dark green mottling with four pairs of large scales on either side.  They mostly eat seaweed and seagrass however adults will also feed on jellyfish when abundant but are predominantly herbivorous.  Their nesting and breeding cycle is generally late November to January with hatchlings emerging late December to April.