Nature Hour on The Reef

The whale sharks and humpback whales may be the stars of the Ningaloo Coast, but there are other equally incredible (though less well known) creatures playing out their lives right on our doorstep at Sal Salis.

Sue and Gary had their own private nature hour when they visited us in November. Swimming with massive bull rays, turtles and sharks giving birth all in the space of 3 days – Attenborough eat your heart out !

Sharks giving birth I hear you ask ?? Indeed. Tawny nurse sharks are residents of the Ningaloo Reef and are ovoviviparous, meaning they give birth to live young that have hatched while in their uterus. Gary was up for an early snorkel one morning and was lucky enough to see a shark giving birth in the shallows – pretty incredible ! The baby magic didn’t stop there either, that night Sue and Gary watched a green turtle haul herself out of the water and lay eggs in a nest on the beach under a full moon.

After leaving us, Sue and Gary travelled south to Coral Bay and swam with even more sharks, and a resident population of manta rays… Did someone say nature junkies !?