Now that’s a fish!

Our fishing charters have seen plenty of successful catches but on our trip last week we caught a big one!  So big in fact we think we have a potential unofficial national record for this Sailfish!

Our skipper/guide Murray was accompanied by Scott Coghlan of Western Angler magazine and our lodge manager, Mike, when they raised this Saily last week estimated at 90kg.

Surprisingly they managed to haul this Saily in on a Gladiator rod and Banax reel meant for GT popping. After a 45 minute battle and an impressive aerial exhibition they had it boat side and inside for a measure up and photo opportunity before releasing it back to see another day.  Its length was measured at 2.8m from the bottom jaw to the fork of the tail.

The national record for a Sailfish caught in Australian waters weighed in at 88.75kg. 

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