Paul & Candice – at Home at Sal Salis

Welcome to Paul & Candice 

As we count down to the opening of the 2016 season, now less than a month away, we welcome Paul & Candice as our Lodge Managers …. this dynamic duo has a ton of talent from brilliant photography to up-cylcling & cooking!

Paul first came to Sal Salis as a guide in 2014.  We loved his expert guiding style, his ability to share his deep understanding of nature with interested guests and his calm assured manner.  We also loved his passion and impressive skill for photography.   Paul grew up on a tobacco farm in Zimbabwe and after studying in Cape Town,  spent time as a Ranger at a private reserve adjoining the world famous Kruger National Park.  His love of photography started as a way to connect with guests – helping them operate their, often very new, cameras.  Paul spent 2015 as a walking guide at Arkaba in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges.   Whilst he loved being immersed in a different Australian habitat, the lure of the ocean is strong!  Paul is happy to return to the turquoise water, white sand beaches & red rock of the ranges at Sal Salis.

Paul is joined by another of his great loves – Candice.   Like Paul, Candice grew up in Africa and has a deep rooted love for wildlife and nature.  Childhood holidays were spent with family in the Timbavati, an area of land adjacent to Kruger where she raised all manner of creatures by hand,  from king-fishers to bush babies.  Later holidays were spent scuba diving and swimming  with whale sharks, dolphins and manta rays in Mozambique. Candice carried her passion for the outdoors into her career by studying horticulture. She ran and owned a landscaping and up-cycling pallet business for nine years before eventually giving in to love and leaving South Africa to join Paul.    Candice swears that Paul is not the only attraction at Sal Salis – “It is the perfect balance of ocean & outback and one of the best places on earth to call home!”

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