Swimming with whale sharks

When I was at Sal Salis last week I had the wonderful opportunity of swimming with a whale shark on my trip out with Ocean Eco Adventures.  Whale sharks are a slow filter feeding shark, the largest living fish species.  They migrate the waters of Ningaloo Reef  between April – July each year and swimming with them is an amazing wildlife experience.  The whale shark we swam with was a young female and she was around 5 metres long.  We had a good 30 minutes of swim time with her before she dived.  On our day out with Ocean Eco Adventures we also had the opportunity to swim with Manta Rays which are the largest of the ray species.  As I was there in June we were also fortunate enough to see a pod of humpback whales breaching in the distance.  I was also able to see a pod of humpbacks breaching past the reef break whilst I was having my breakfast at Sal Salis which was quite something.