For the team at Sal Salis one of the ‘perks’ of the job is hearing great feedback from our guests, sometimes you guys feel more like family! Thank you to everybody for taking the time to share your experiences, here are just a few recent snippets –


Don and I spent five amazing nights in tent #16 from April 12 to 17, 2017, and we just want to thank Candice and Paul, Brendan, Alex, Julien, Monty, Izzy, Nush, and Tiffany (a.k.s. Stephanie!!!) for such a truly memorable time!  We have now returned to Canada, and our time with you at Sal Salis was definitely the highlight of our five-week trip to Australia.  The gourmet meals created by Brendan were delicious, our tent was always clean and exceedingly comfortable, the day trips recommended by you all proved to be amazing, and we just loved our time with you.  Our surprise “trolley” at breakfast on Easter Monday was one of the very best things that has ever happened to us, and we are grateful beyond words!  We are also happy that Paul has published such a beautiful book of his photographs that we were able to purchase so that we can reminisce about our time at Sal Salis each and every day.  Thank you all so very much from your friends in Canada.  Cheers!

Kathy & Don
April 2017

It is a very remarkable environment, and we enjoyed connecting with the land and ocean. This was made very easy as a result of the hard work of your wonderful team. Candice and Paul made us feel extremely welcome and we instantly relaxed. Eugene as our guide was remarkable, and provided great insight on each tour with a relaxed and engaging personality, a great asset to the trip. Other team members including Harvey, Brendan and Sean all contributed greatly to our experience, and we appreciate their hard work behind the scenes.

The Thompson-Hales
Victoria, Australia
September 2016 


Our lovely guests Vicky & Ross have their own blog posts that we loved so much we thought we would share with you!  (with their permission of course)

Here is Vicky’s:  https://vickygoestravelling.com/2016/09/09/having-a-whale-of-a-time-on-ningaloo-reef/

And here is Ross’ :   http://rosscattell.net/travel/ningaloo.htm

Ross & Vicky
London, United Kingdom
September 2016


It is hard to believe that a week ago I was standing on a beautiful beach watching white plumes of ocean waves breaking on Ningaloo Reef whilst an extraordinary chef prepared a full classic breakfast metres from the peaceful water’s edge. Just reward for a small group of intrepid kayakers who had set off before dawn to snorkel once more the blue lagoon (also known as the washing machine). And sheer indulgence for the rest of the guests at Sal Salis who had remained in their comfortable beds until after the butcher birds’ morning serenade insisted they get up and enjoy the day. For this place is like no other resort. A magical blend of starkly beautiful gorges inviting exploration, the normally arid coastal plain turned green after recent rains, and almost invisible among the sea front dunes an encampment of luxurious tents treading ever so lightly on this fragile environment. Water is a precious resource not to be wasted, and a 20 litre daily limit ensures that guests understand and respect this. The profusion of wildlife is simply breathtaking, from amusing encounters with echidnas to snorkelling among the vast variety of marine creatures, massively capped off by an unforgettable swim with a whale shark. However when it comes to creature comforts any normal measure of five star luxury is useless. Sal Salis is on its own in providing a unique experience blending care for the environment with incredible hospitality and personalised service. As a previous reviewer put it, the place is extraordinary and worth every cent. But mostly it is the very best people, doing everything very, very well. Indeed a paradox in paradise.

Penny & Greg
Bonny Hills, NSW, Australia
June 2016


Just wanted to say thank you and that we three had the most magical time, it was all perfect and we were soooo lucky with the day of our whale shark swim, Murray’s trip was fantastic and Nat and Sev really great, so very memorable.  The staff at Sal Salis, as last time, all delightful, and it was especially excellent to see Brendon again, what a character he is and marvellous food he provides!

Judi, David + Daisy
Perth, Western Australia
June 2016


Overall, our stay at Sal Salis – including our day with the whale sharks – was simply one of the best short holidays Heather and I have ever had.  It was perfect for our anniversary celebration.  The location, accommodation, staff and activities all added up to an experience we will long remember.  

Andrew & Heather
Lilli Pilli, NSW, Australia
May 2016


My wife Kerry and I just stayed at your resort at Salsalis and I felt compelled to write you and say what a wonderful experience we had.  Most importantly, I guess, it exceeded our expectations in every way.  I found the service to be five star but friendly and casual and very appropriate to tents and the beach. The team, I thought, worked as one.  Everybody seems to be a jack of all trades and they delivered our experience seamlessly, happily and graciously.    Yet, you can never see them sweat.  Some of them are amateurs, some of them are pros, but they all work together as one.  We spent three days at the camp but walked away with a month’s worth of memories.  The combination of location and operations are more than the sum of its parts.  So, bravo and everybody on the ground.

JT and Kerry Kuhlman
Florida, USA
May 2016


The food and accommodation is beautiful, plentiful and very comfortable. The surroundings are idyllic – a haven away from the modern busy world. With no internet or phone signal, it was the perfect break. Laying under the clearest night sky watching the stars for ages in the evening to swimming in what felt like an aquarium and an unforgettable swim with whale sharks, a truly unique and memorable holiday.  Thank you Sal Salis – we absolutely loved it!!

May 2016 


Sal Salis is very hard to review, because it truely is unique. Nestled in a National Park, fronting an amazing azure blue sea with Ningaloo reef just metres offshore, you are amazed by the environment, the food served in the resort and the mesmerising sunsets over the sea. The staff are all enthusiastic and helpful, but it really was a surprise that all the guests were wonderful to spend time with.

Excerpt from Trip Advisor – click to read more on Trip Advisor
June 2016

An absolutely stunning experience from the first moment to the last. Our greeting set the tone – personal, warm, welcoming and something which can be all too rare in hospitality: a genuine feeling of interest in us as travellers and a totally genuine spirit of “we are delighted to have you stay with us”. Our greeting was a role model in how to make guests feel instantly welcome as individuals rather than just “another set of guests”. The location itself is simply out of this world and like no-where else we have ever stayed – in such an unbelievably beautiful place it is to the credit of everyone at Sal Salis that the feeling of pristine natural beauty has been retained without it ever feeling manufactured or unnatural. You feel totally connected to the ocean just metres away and to the natural land environment in the very respectful blending of the luxury tents in the sand dunes.
Excerpt from Trip Advisor – click to read more on Trip Advisor
Hong Kong
May 2016