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Ningaloo Reef is a fringing coral reef located off the west coast of Australia, approximately 1200 km north of Perth. The reef is 260 km long and is Australia’s largest fringing coral reef.

In 1987 the reef and surrounding waters were designated as the Ningaloo Marine Park, and while the waters of the park are known for the seasonal feeding concentrations of the whale shark, the area is also visited by a range of whale and dolphin species.

Humpback whales migrate through the Marine Park from May to October each year.

Ningaloo is also visited by dwarf minke whales, orcas, pygmy blue whales, Bryde’s whales, Australian humpback dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, spinner dolphins and southern right whales.

cape range national park

Cape Range National Park

The national park surrounding Sal Salis is a place of rugged limestone ranges, breath-taking deep canyons and 50km of pristine beaches.

It covers some 50,581 hectares and its northern boundary is just 40km from Exmouth.

Wildlife is abundant with a variety of birds, emus, euros and Red Kangaroos commonly sighted.

Cape Range offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors interested in the natural environment.

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Flora and Fauna

Aeons ago the range was an isolated island and as a result, there are several species of plants and animals that are endemic to the area, including the red centred variety of the Sturt Desert Pea.

Surveys have recorded over 630 species of flowering plants on the peninsula – a surprisingly high number for an arid limestone area.

Over 700 caves are catalogued in the Ranges and it is likely that many remain undiscovered.

There are numerous gorges that provide a haven for wildlife and contain rare and unusual flora. A beautiful array of wildflowers can be seen in late winter including Sturt Desert Peas and the beautiful Bird Flower.

humpback whale breaching

Marine Life

Exmouth Gulf lies between North West Cape and the main coastline of Western Australia, it is a rich marine environment and a nursery for humpback whales, dugong and turtles.

The mangrove systems on the eastern margins are areas of high primary productivity feeding and restocking for both the Gulf and the famed nearby Ningaloo Reef.

The Gulf sustains one of Western Australia’s largest prawn fisheries, managed by the Kailis Fishing Group, which operates under license from the Western Australian Government.

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The Lodge

On arrival to our camp, you will be welcomed by the team at our main lodge – and this really is the heart of the Sal Salis experience.

We are here 24 hours a day, ensuring your stay is as perfect as possible.

The main lodge is the centre of camp life, raised above the sand and coastal scrub with views out onto the reef and Indian Ocean, it is the place to gather for meals and relaxation.

Our lodge includes a small reference library with a variety of board games and a comfortable lounge area with self-service bar – an ideal spot for relaxing during the heat of the day with a cold drink and good book.

group of people enjoying dinner

The heart of Sal Salis

We believe in sharing stories and sundowners, so we dine together in the lodge.

Every evening we gather for sundowners and canapes and toast the sunset over the ocean. You’ll get to know your fellow guests and experience those famous WA sunsets whilst sipping a cool drink and putting your feet up.

Dinner is served by candlelight and with lanterns so you can take in the breath-taking beauty of our starry sky. Our chef prepares delicious meals based on the season and uses locally sourced ingredients. Meal times are special here; we chat, break bread and soak up the unique atmosphere.

After dinner, sit in the open air and look up – the number of stars is simply astonishing, and the location is known to be one of the best places to see the Milky Way. Our lodge guides bring to life the myriad of stars and point out the many different constellations filling the night sky.

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Food and Wine

Food at Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is taken very seriously.

Our resident chef prepares a contemporary and delicious menu daily featuring seasonal, local produce and hints of bush food and local, fresh fish.

We aim to support our local producers so you will find excellent Western Australian wines on the drink’s menu, alongside other regional wine, beers, spirits and a wide selection of soft drinks and juices.

staff serving food

Dining on the Deck overlooking the Indian Ocean

Meals are shared with your fellow guests and are served at the lodge or on the deck. A hot breakfast is accompanied by fresh fruit, cereal and a selection of bread or pastries with condiments, followed by lunch later in the day.

Around sunset, canapés are served, which you can enjoy with a glass of wine whilst the guides brief you on the next day’s activities.

Dinner is the real foodie highlight – each night you will enjoy a three-course meal, carefully created and brought to the table out of a simple camp kitchen!

Please advise us of any dietary requirements or food allergies at the time of booking so that the Chef can prepare for your visit.

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