Sal Salis

helicopter view of ningaloo reef

Western Australia’s ‘unchartered’, world-renowned coral reef

1,200 kilometres north of Perth sits a magical place where words can’t do justice. Ningaloo Reef, the world’s largest fringing coral reef, awaits. This 260-kilometres long spectacle is just a few salt-watery steps from the eco-luxury safari tents of Sal Salis. 

Magical because it’s the rarest of places. Where outback, reef and ranges meet and merge… amidst a spectrum of colour for which, only nature has the palette.

humpback whale breaching

Nature untouched. Lives changed.

Between May to October, migrating humpbacks are drawn through Ningaloo Marine Park. Whale sharks, blue whales, southern right whales, orcas, turtles, mantas, and a range of dolphin species are also part of the reef’s oceanic menagerie. 

A natural symphony that only happens here. A reminder that this world can still astonish. A world even greater and more beautiful exists. The moment you submerge into the realm of whale sharks and humpback whales… your life changes. The whale shark season runs from mid-March to August.  

paddle boarding national park

Ancient, grounding Cape Ranges

Behind the beach dunes, the Cape Range National Park awaits. Rugged limestone ranges, gorges, bays, creeks, deep canyons and trails dominate the park’s 50,581 hectares. Its northern boundary is just 40 kilometres from Exmouth. 

It’s the unforgettable, great Australian outback that many wait too long to see… but not you. A haven for birds, emus, euros, red kangaroos, Stuart Desert Peas, Bird Flowers, and unusual flora… let the mystical energy of this scorched, ancient terrain ground you, after a day submerged.

wallaby sitting at campsite

Caves, canyons and histories, undiscovered

Once an isolated island, this ancient Range offers up several species of plants and animals, native to this remarkable area. Lessons lie under the rocks with many caves, still undiscovered. Trek the red rock, kayak the gorges, and experience the rich biodiversity through your own senses. The layers and cracks in the rocks, like wrinkles, hint at a prehistoric lifeline. 

A hint, hard to resist.

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