Seasonal Information

campsite at sunset

Offers hot days and occasional rainfall (usually associated with cyclonic conditions off-shore). The last turtle hatchings of the season make their way to the ocean.

April to June

Mornings and evenings are cooler, we expect offshore breezes and warm days. This is the beginning of the whale shark season.

July to September

Nights will be cool (bring warm clothing) though days will be lovely for swimming and relaxing in the warm sun. Humpback whales are often seen behind the reef and from August you will have the option of swimming with them (additional cost).


Temperatures are high throughout the day, a cool sea breeze may bring respite. Humpback whales continue to swim south and turtles begin their nesting.

Please note:

Sal Salis is closed from mid-November to mid-March.

helicopter view of ningaloo reef
Average temperatures

The average maximum temperature for the warmer months is approximately 36 degrees celsius in March and 32 degrees celsius in October. During the cooler months in June and July the average temperature is around 24 degrees celsius. The average water temperature during the Sal Salis season (March – Nov) is 23 – 24 degrees.

For further information on the climate, water temperature and rainfall in the Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef area, please visit Bureau of Meteorology website.

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