sal salis at sunset

Sal Salis. Nature can still astonish.

Never in your wildest dreams will you experience so many astounding contrasts in a uniquely, spectacular location in this utterly Australian holiday.

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef is so far out of the ordinary it defies ‘best of both worlds’ and ‘glamping’. It’ll be that trip you always return to in your mind. 

aerial shot of ningaloo reef

Finding extraordinary.

An hour’s drive from Exmouth, Sal Salis is best reached by car.

Fly into Exmouth’s Learmonth Airport and book a transfer with us or take the drive yourself.

Scenic and private charter flights are also available, at an additional cost, for travellers who want to squeeze every bit of adventure from this experience.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sal Salis located?


Sal Salis is located on the North West Cape of Western Australia; it is an hour’s drive (70kms) from Exmouth.

What types of accommodation does Sal Salis offer?


Sal Salis offers eco-luxe safari tents with en-suite bathrooms and private decks.

What activities are available at Sal Salis?


Activities at Sal Salis include snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, guided hikes, and wildlife viewing.

What is the best time of year to visit Sal Salis?


The best time to visit Sal Salis is from March to November, when temperatures are cooler and marine life is more active.

How do I get to Sal Salis?


The nearest airport to Sal Salis is Learmonth Airport, and transfers can be arranged.

Is Sal Salis a family-friendly destination?


Sal Salis is not recommended for young children, as it is a wilderness experience and not a traditional resort, however, we do welcome children aged 10 years and over.

What is the food like at Sal Salis?


Sal Salis offers exceptional gourmet meals made with local and seasonal ingredients, and can easily be accommodated to any dietary restrictions.

What is the cost of staying at Sal Salis?


The cost of staying at Sal Salis varies depending on the season and type of accommodation. Our tents start at around $1,100 AUD per night.

What wildlife can I see at Sal Salis?


Wildlife that can be seen at Sal Salis includes kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and a variety of marine life such as turtles, dolphins, whale sharks and humpback whales.

Is Sal Salis an eco-friendly resort?


Sal Salis is an eco-friendly resort that operates on solar power, collects rainwater, and has a minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

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