Guided Gorge Walks

The dreamy Cape Range is waiting to be discovered.

Sal Salis is perfectly positioned between the Ningaloo Reef and the striking Cape Range National Park, both of which make up the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. Start your day with a guided hike across this unique landscape, where you can get out on foot and explore a different kind of ecosystem; the Australian bush.

Connect with the beating heart of Australia, through the ranges and gorges, steeped in geological history and dreamtime mythology. Let the arid terrain, unique Australian fauna, plants, birds, red kangaroos, rock wallabies, 80 species of reptiles and insects, inspire and teach you.

Mandu Mandu Gorge

Nestled two kilometres behind camp is Mandu Mandu Gorge, our most popular hike. With its fossil bearing, limestone formations and panoramic, colour spectrum of the gorge and Ningaloo Reef, you’ll realise you’ve discovered somewhere special. 

Ancient clues of human habitation ignite your wonder. Who knows what you’ll stumble across… artefacts, middens and rock shelters amidst a landscape of Acacia trees, spinifex, kurrajong and rock fig.  

History tells us Aboriginal groups occupied the Ningaloo Coast, with over 100 sites identified throughout the Cape Range. Human hair and modified shells have been discovered, believed to be 32,000 years old. Here lies an opportunity to immerse yourself in true Australia. 

Walking through the gorge, you’ll likely spot the rare black-footed rock wallaby – who rest on the ledges along the gorge walls during daytime hours and come out to feed in the cool of night.

Yardie Creek Gorge

The black-footed rock wallaby is also known to be spotted amongst the honeyeaters and emus at Yardie Creek Gorge. Learn about the flora and fauna’s intuitive skills to adapt and survive in such as barren environment – a gentle reminder of nature’s collective intelligence. 

The sheltered waters are a sanctuary for many marine animals like shovelnose rays and turtles. Your guides will leave no stone unturned or questions, unanswered. From its towering rock and limestone enclaves to the contrasting greenery and vibrant burnt orange rock faces, Cape Range brings you back down to earth. 

It’s got that ‘I’m in a mini Grand Canyon’ feeling… with an eye-popping, perk: look-outs over one of the world’s best coral reefs.

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