The Lodge

sal salis lodge

The Sal Salis ‘meeting point’

The Lodge is the head and heart of Sal Salis. It’s where we come together as a group to share meals, kick back and exchange stories. Time stretches here, unbound by responsibilities and places to be. Here, you have everything, and all the time, you need.

dining table at sunset

The lantern-lit group Lodge

As the sun sinks below the horizon, raise your glasses over creative canapes in the recently refurbished, communal Lodge. A delightful entrée to your three-course fare that follows. 

The Lodge is the kitchen table for all your meals. It’s everyone’s ‘luxury campfire’, sharing adventures, forging friendships, and filling ravenous stomachs. After a day out at sea or trekking land, this is the place to be. No matter how you relax, you can do it at the Lodge. It’s just like coming home after a long day adventuring.

women enjoying coffee at communal area

The place to be at any hour

The Lodge sits above the sand and coastal scrub, taking in expansive reef and ocean views. With an adjoining library to peruse with books, board games and a self-service bar, the Lodge is an all-day (and night) affair. 

All three meals are served here, where sunset dinners become an event in themselves. A three-course meal is created from a commercial kitchen, that will leave you, and your tastebuds, speechless. The flickering candlelight enhances the mood. Relax, put your feet up, break bread, and converse… with your new friends, new stories and a new experience of nature.

person stargazing

Uninterrupted starry views

After dinner, it’s out to the deck to get cosy in one of the best places in the hemisphere, under the Milky Way, where your guides have stories to tell under an ethereal night sky.

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