Guided Gorge Walks

Guided Gorge Walks

Our daily activities are decided on based on the weather and tides, so we often suggest hikes and walks in the National Park first thing in the morning, or later in the afternoon to avoid the hot sun. Our guides will take you out into the National Park to explore these beautiful, ancient gorges and ranges.

Mandu Mandu Gorge

Mandu Mandu Gorge is located 2km behind camp and is a step back in geological history with fossil bearing limestone formations and spectacular views back to the coast and over the Ningaloo Reef. The history of 30,000 years of human habitation in this area is slowly unfolding from studies of artefacts, middens and rock shelters found among the Acacia trees, spinifex, kurrajong and rock fig.

Records have been found of two, possibly three Aboriginal groups occupying the Ningaloo Coast, with the Jinigudira people thought to have inhabited the areas along and adjacent to the northern end of Cape. Evidence of the historical Aboriginal occupation is found throughout the Cape Range, with over 100 sites being identified and the Baiyungu people still have a strong presence in the area today.

Walking through the gorge provides an to spot the black-footed rock wallaby – these timid creatures tend to seek shelter on ledges along the gorge walls resting during daylight hours and coming out to feed later, in the cool of the night.

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Yardie Creek Gorge

Walk along the top of the spectacular multi-coloured Yardie Creek Gorge, looking out for black-footed rock wallabies, honeyeaters and emus while learning about the formation of the range and the adaptations the flora and fauna have made in order to survive in such an arid environment. At the top of the Gorge are some great photo opportunities with breath-taking views of the creek and out to the ocean.

This interesting ecosystem supports sturt desert pea, succulents and lemongrass as well as sturt mangrove areas that provide roosting sites for pied cormorants, eastern reef egrets, crested pigeon and gallahs, while the sheltered waters are a sanctuary for many marine animals like shovelnose rays and turtles.