Grab your Mask & Snorkel for an Underwater Adventure

Stretching for 260kms along Australia’s west coast, the World Heritage Ningaloo Reef is the world’s longest fringing coastal reef and remains one of Australia’s best kept natural secrets. Unlike the Great Barrier Reef, the coral is within swimming distance of the beach; our house reef is no more than 10m offshore (at high tide) so no boats or transfers are required!


There are numerous picturesque beaches offering stunning drift snorkels and sheltered bays where children can play. A drift snorkel just a few metres offshore reveals a wealth of life, with huge staghorn coral formations, anemones, clownfish, rays and sponge gardens. All snorkelling gear and wet suits are provided; and if you are a beginner (or just needing a refresher) our guides will be happy to give a lesson or just share a few tips.

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Ningaloo is also a major breeding ground for hawksbill, loggerhead and green turtles, which come ashore to lay their eggs in the dunes at night (between September and December). The other gentle giant of the sea, the manta ray, also allows swimmers to share its world whilst the coral lagoons reveal huge schools of fish, reef sharks, smaller rays and a multitude of other species living amongst this pristine reef.

Image courtesy of Tourism Western Australia