Honeymoon Tent

Sal Salis has a beautiful Honeymoon Tent – ideal for those that enjoy a little more space, privacy and style as well as spectacular ocean views!

Follow the board walk from Sal Salis’ social heart to the end of the camp, up a slight rise to the top of a sand dune, out there … on its own, you’ll find Sal Salis’ newly opened Honeymoon Tent.  The long, wide front deck is comfortably furnished and affords views of a seemingly private white sand beach with Ningaloo Reef just beyond.  Spend a lazy couple of siesta-hours in the double hammock, reading, snoozing or canoodling.

Step inside and a four poster bed is draped with mosquito netting – to be truthful it is more about romance than mozzies as in our semi-arid environment there is so little fresh water that mosquitos are never a problem.  You’ll soon discover that those wonderful ocean views can be enjoyed from that romantic bed and from the shower too.

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Sal Salis does not offer traditional luxury, instead the luxury here is about being one of very few people in a pristine and beautiful landscape.  The luxury here is about immersing yourself in nature and disconnecting from the outside world, and with no WIFI, Sal Salis is the perfect place to spend time totally together.  At the same time we don’t expect you to rough it, top quality bed linen, delicious meals, a full open bar and a friendly ensure your time at Sal Salis is magical.

Sal Salis is privileged to be located in a National Park and whilst romance is the theme, the Honeymoon Tent does adhere to our strict eco-policies so that your stay here does not come at cost to the environment.

And whilst we are calling it the Honeymoon Tent, we know it is perfect for any two people … provided you are in love!

Sal Salis - honeymoon surprise

Photo thanks to Paul Bester and Fiona Vail Photography